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We spent most of our lives in city and suburban settings, but a middle-age move to the country was in our cards. We moved from a hot and humid USDA Zone 9 coastal location to a sometimes hot, sometimes cold, but rarely humid Zone 7 a/b in a mountainous area.

Our goal was to enjoy a less humid climate and more land, where we might be able to grow some vegetables. After initial success with a few tomato and cucumber plants grown in straw bales, we quickly developed what can only be described as a gardening addiction. The straw bales were cool, but they've been replaced by a variety of raised beds and a large field hat started as all-clay but - with much effort - is now productive. 

We're both educators by trade so it only makes sense that we decided to share the lessons we've learned with others. Thanks for joining us on what we have come to realize is a gardening journey. There are always new lessons to learn and new experiments to try, with many failures and successes along the way. Thanks for joining us. We hope you learn something useful that will help you make the most of your own garden.


We look forward to sharing the lessons we continue to learn.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. - Steve & Mary White


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